Qualoo Whitepaper
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Qualoo Whitepaper: Overview

Qualoo is a revolutionary platform set to transform the internet user experience. Straddling the domains of customer experience, telecommunications and blockchain, Qualoo introduces a mechanism designed to solve many systemic issues plaguing current internet delivery for billions of users worldwide. Additionally, it aids in fostering new mechanisms for cooperation, overall health of the global internet while safeguarding the quality of over-the-top and e-services delivered to everyday users all over the world. These services rely on quality service delivery and multiple 3rd parties for success in an incredibly fast-growing industry which is expected to reach a staggering $7 trillion value by 2032. source
Qualoo's Decentralized Physical infrastructure Network drives the global transformation and is powered by the people, incentivized to operate a Qualoo node. In return they earn passive income through rewards and revenue sharing while actively contributing to a better and more equitable internet for all.
The core functionality of Qualoo is built on the Qualoo Test Nodes, owned and operated by individual users. Test Nodes perform internet performance tests, rewarding users with the Qualoo Experience Token (QXT). This dynamic has positioned us as a pioneer in internet performance monitoring, real-time diagnostics and to serve as a unified governance layer for the entire internet.
With data processed by our proprietary algorithms, crafted by telecommunication engineering experts, we generate comprehensive metrics that provide valuable insights to users, ISPs, content providers, and regulators. This, in turn, drives a more transparent and accountable internet ecosystem.
Qualoo seeks to revolutionize the digital landscape, fostering transparency, enhancing end-user experience, and connecting stakeholders.
Please note: Qualoo is an evolving platform, so the contents of this document are subject to future changes.
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